Located in Talimhane, Taksim, one of Istanbul’s most central areas, Midtown Hotel is at the nearest point  to both sightseeing places which are just a walk away and public transportation services. Located in the very heart of Istanbul, Midtown Hotel includes 53 Deluxe rooms, 6 Deluxe rooms with Bosphorous view, 7 Corner Suite rooms and 14 Greenworks  rooms that offer the comfort of your home.




Travelling means new places, new people and new tastes of course! More Restaurant serves its guests with an award-winning team with dreams expanding the borders of the kitchen and a broad vision that introduces modern approaches and new tastes to classical Turkish dishes.



Who doesn’t enjoy long-lasting explorations and excursions? Well, how about a sweet stop at the center of the city just when you are exhausted? J Midtown Cafe is your most enjoyable escape point with its atmosphere making use of the daylight, always smiling staff and rich menu!



İstanbul Museum of Modern Art, briefly İstanbul Modern is the first contemporary art museum in Turkey. Turkey’s first private museum to organize modern and contemporary art exhibitions, was founded in 2004 and occupies an 8,000 square meter site on the shores of the Bosphorus. The collections, exhibitions and training programs of the museum aim to endear its visitors to art and provide their effective participation in art.


Sureyya, an 80 years old historical building in Kadikoy said “hello” to the art world as “Kadikoy Municipality, Sureyya Opera House”  in October 27, 2007.  Imprinted in the memoirs of Istanbulites, especially the inhabitants of Kadikoy as Sureyya Cinema for years, the building took its place in the art life after 80 years as Sureyya Opera House thanks to the thorough operations of Kadikoy Municipality.



Galatasaray Hammam was built by Sultan Beyazit the 2nd in 1481 alongside with the social complex. Galatasaray Hammam where you will experience the Turkish bathouse culture and mysterious path simultaneously continue to dominate the centuries since it has been built within Galatasaray social complex.


Just like in the saying “A cup of Turkish coffee will be remembered for 40 years”, this coffee experience will be remembered. J Having offered its famous Turkish coffee at small tables and chairs in Olivia passage on Istiklal Street for many years, Mandabatmaz is always a frequent stop-by of coffee lovers!