Is there anybody who doesn’t like nostalgia? Is there anything better than traveling through time, going back to the good old days, and resting your soul when you are tired of the noise and crowd of the city?

Then, be ready to discover the stories of true life experiences and feel yourself in another time! We’ll tell you about the antique markets where you can find Istanbul’s rarest pieces. The only thing you should do is to hit the road early in the morning to acquire rarities.


Feriköy Antique Market

Feriköy Antique Market, which welcomes numerous vintage lovers, fashion bloggers, and antique and nostalgia lovers, is set up every Sunday. In this market, you can find records, books, magazines, souvenirs, photographs and postcards reflecting past times, kitchenware and porcelains, magneto telephones, the collection pieces like cigarettes and lighters, typewriters, magnets, old moneys, and numerous other articles. Besides, you can also acquire numerous jewels, accessories, and clothes that reflect era fashion here. Located in Feriköy Bomonti, this market is also an outdoor-museum-like visual feast for antique lovers…


Dolapdere Flea Market

In Dolapdere Flea Market, you can find plenty of garments and accessories reflecting era fashion in particular. You can also acquire electronic devices and accessories you can use for house decoration here. However, Dolapdere Flea Market is on the slow track of becoming obsolete. In this market set up on Sundays, you generally witness that the items displayed on fabrics laid on the ground await their buyers. Panagia Evangelistria Greek Church in the market is a worth-seeing beauty. With its historical structure and architecture, it adds a mysterious air to the environment.


Üsküdar Antique Dealers’ Bazaar

Although this market located in Üsküdar on the Anatolian side of Istanbul is not that much renowned, you can acquire articles more affordably here compared to other places. In Üsküdar Antique Dealers’ Bazaar, which is a three-floor building, you can find many things you need or look for. You can also have an idea on antique item restoration in this bazaar. Besides, reliability of the bazaar tradesmen is persuasive. Numerous products such as rugs, carpets, badges, souvenirs, ornaments, records, books decorate the shops. It is also possible to find old and nostalgic pieces in the shops around the bazaar building.


Horhor Antique Dealers’ Bazaar

It is possible to find something affordable for everyone in Horhor Antique Dealers’ Bazaar in Fatih as well. This seven-floor building is also one of those less known and visited places compared to the other antique markets. In this bazaar that is so beautiful that it can pass as a museum, you can find numerous things you look for from household goods to kitchen accessories.


Beyoğlu Çukurcuma

Çukurcuma is a rich place in terms of antique shops. These shops have rather wide range of products, ranging from calligraphy to embroidery, glass products to various objects each different from the other. In this region, the shops have scattered to areas such as Çukurcuma Avenue, Çukurcuma Mosque Street, Bostancıbaşı Street, Turnacıbaşı Street, and Faik Paşa Avenue. In short, while strolling along the streets of Çukurcuma early in the morning, you can feel as if you were in a time travel. However, you must remember that antique is a matter of chance and it is absolutely necessary to bargain while buying something.


Kadıköy Antique Dealers’ Street and Antique Dealers’ Market

In the Antique Dealers’ Market set up in Kadıköy every Saturday, an auction is also held once a month. Kadıköy Antique Dealers’ Market, which is successful in bringing all antique lovers together under the same roof, is also renowned for its affordable prices. The antique market, which used to be set up at the location of the Tuesday Bazaar has been revived with the demands of the tradesmen and antique lovers.

The market is interesting, but you don’t lose your chance if you cannot fit it into your program. The Antique Dealers’ Street in Kadıköy is just for you. Located at the entrance of Kadıköy Freedom Park, in this street you can find many articles that take to the past such as books, magazines, glassware, earthenware, souvenirs, porcelain products, paintings, pianos, chandeliers, accessories and baubles, records, historical documents, and medals.

Besides, you can also encounter shops selling antiques or secondhand articles on many side streets of Kadıköy and select the one that suits your home and style.