Unique taste of Istanbul awaits you: Turkish Bagel


Can anyone of us say “No” to a crispy Turkish bagel? Is it possible to taste a Turkish bagel full inside and covered with molasses and sesame outside with a glass of tea, and not to admire it? Everybody who lives in or has happened to pass Istanbul has somehow enjoyed this “urban taste”, this sesame ring. There are those who eat Turkish bagel to assuage their hunger when they feel hungry all of a sudden, and those who buy some to offer to their guests coming for tea in the afternoon... There are those who buy Turkish bagel for they [...]

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The Mediterranean is enchanted. It is more influential than oceans; it is a cradle of civilizations. It is not only the sea Mediterranean what we are talking about. The Mediterranean Statue by Ilhan Koman, which overlooks Galatasaray Square from the third floor of Yapi Kredi Culture and Arts Building, is not less enchanted than the Mediterranean itself.   Ilhan Koman’s work is the statue of a woman in waves, waiting with open arms to give a hug. While speaking of his statue, “I remembered the Mediterranean while some people were talking about hugging, love of human. The Mediterranean was wide; it [...]


Antique Markets In Istanbul


Is there anybody who doesn't like nostalgia? Is there anything better than traveling through time, going back to the good old days, and resting your soul when you are tired of the noise and crowd of the city? Then, be ready to discover the stories of true life experiences and feel yourself in another time! We'll tell you about the antique markets where you can find Istanbul's rarest pieces. The only thing you should do is to hit the road early in the morning to acquire rarities.   Feriköy Antique Market Feriköy Antique Market, which welcomes numerous vintage lovers, fashion bloggers, [...]

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Naturally, there is no one who has never heard of globally admired Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi. The followers of Maulana, known as "Rumi" by the western peoples, will meet us not only in Konya but also in Galata, the center of Istanbul. Let's go to Galata to know the most important Mawlawi Lodge, which has survived to the present day, and the Mawlawi.   FROM AFGHANISTAN TO KONYA AND FROM KONYA TO ISTANBUL Born in Balkh in the year 1207, the famous philosopher Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi has advised people to renounce their worldly pleasures and ambitions and turn towards spirituality in full [...]




İstanbul’un bir dinler mozaiği olduğu her zaman söylenegelmiştir. Bunun doğruluğunun ispatı şehrin en köklü ve en güzel caddelerinden biri olan İstiklal Caddesi üzerindeki ibadethaneler olsa gerek. Taksim Meydanı’ndaki camii inşaatı sürerken adım adım Taksim’den Tünel’e doğru şehrin büyük ibadethanelerini sıralayalım dedik. Belki siz de elinize bir rehber alıp İstiklal Caddesi’nde yürür ve şehre bir kez de ibadethanelerin penceresinden bakarsınız. It is always said that Istanbul is a mosaic of religions. The temples on Istiklal Avenue, one of the deepest-rooted and most beautiful avenues of the city, verify this. While construction of the mosque in Taksim Square continues, we would like to [...]




Kış geldi ama soğuk havalarda da İstanbul’un keyfini çıkarmak mümkün. İşte size İstanbul’un soğuk havalarda gezip görebileceğiniz en güzel yerleri: It is winter now, but it is possible to enjoy Istanbul in cold weathers as well. Here are the most beautiful places of Istanbul, which you can visit in cold weathers: Yerebatan Sarnıcı: Bazalika Sarnıcı da denilen ve İstanbul’un en eski yapılarından biri olan sarnıç 532 yılında inşa edildi. İçindeki ters Medusa kafası ile en çok merak edilen bölümdür. Bizans’ın ve uzun bir süre Osmanlı İstanbul’unun su kaynağı olan Sarnıç, ünlü yazar Dan Brown’un İstanbul’da geçen romanı Cehennem’de ve aynı isimle [...]

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Bu soğuk havalarda, sıcacık kestane insanın içinizi ısıtır. Herkes kışın evde yapmaya çalışsa da közde pişmiş kestanenin tadı hiç bir şeyde yok. İstanbul’da hemen her sokakta, caddede bulabileceğiniz; mis gibi kokusu ve enfes tadıyla aklınızı başınızdan alacak kestane ister tek başına, ister arkadaşlarla, ister yürürken ister oturduğunuz yerde size eşlik eden bir sokak lezzeti. In these cold days, warm chestnut warms you inside. Although everybody tries to cook it at home, nothing gives the taste of chestnut cooked on embers. Chestnut, which you can find on almost every street, every avenue in Istanbul, and which will blow your mind with its [...]

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How about living in an Oriental world while enjoying your Turkish Bath?


We can say that Turkish Bath has left its mark on our geography. Turkish Bath, which has become one of the global symbols of the Ottoman Empire, although it has its roots in the Roman Empire, is a favorite venue for also having fun and socializing in addition to bathing and cleaning. Then, let's enter through the doors of this Oriental world and learn what to do and how to do it in the Turkish Bathes full of steam, water, and marble. Diyebiliriz ki Hamam bizim coğrafyamıza damgasını vurmuştur. Kökeni Romalılara dayansa da Osmanlı’nın tüm dünyadaki sembollerinden biri haline gelen Hamam, [...]

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New Favorite of Istiklal Avenue: Narmanlı


Although it has become cooler all of a sudden, it's high time to tour Istiklal Avenue. You still have time to blend into the crowd of the city, listen to street musicians, look at the beautiful garments in shop windows, and experience the Avenue in the shade of historical buildings before the rains start. You also walk from Taksim Square to Galatasaray High School together with the crowd in Beyoğlu. Then, keep walking towards Tunnel, though everybody turns back. It is impossible for you to miss Narmanlı Inn glittering in its renovated form on the right hand side while approaching Tunnel. [...]

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5 places you must definitely see in Istanbul this summer


Istanbul is one of the world's most beautiful cities. It is a gigantic metropolis that was once an imperial capital. Istanbul is a unique city for its historical riches flooded by both domestic and foreign tourists today. There are so many places to visit and see in Istanbul. We have listed the top five must-see places for you. Dünyanın en güzel şehirlerinden biri İstanbul. İmparatorluğa başkentlik yapmış, dev bir metropol. Günümüzde hem yerli hem de yabancı turistlerinin akınına uğrayan tarihi zenginlikleri ile eşsiz bir kent İstanbul. Gezip görülmesi gereken o kadar çok yer var ki İstanbul’da. Biz de sizler için asla [...]

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